This is the stitch I wanted to show you guys. If you're interested, you just need an afghan hook. Tunisian Crochet Basics - Crochet Tutorials - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

Шпаргалки по вязанию

Песочный пирог с черникой

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Как сделать "жидкую кожу" в домашних условиях. Реставрируем кожаные вещи самостоятельно!

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для дома и здоровья

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“Creative Knitting: A New Art Form” by Mary Walker Phillip < Muse: Computational Knitwear Progress

узоры спицами

Help to find the scheme of a pattern - the Country of Mothers // Larisa Kolomiiets

Lace knitting pattern “koloski” (ears of wheat) ~~ Knit row below; slip stitches with yarn in front;

Small bathrooms can have just as much character as large ones. The colour coded door handles are an especially cool touch here.