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Hey guys, A lot has been improved and polished from the first version of the dashboard. Excited to share more of this with you soon. Check the attached screen for full view.

Zero App Desktop / ALEX BENDER

When everyone is constantly checking email, email marketing is a great strategy. If you are considering starting your email marketing

Agile versus Waterfall for Projects

How to Be Happy In a Relationship - Any meaningful relationship takes work. There is no such thing as a perfect union between two people. It may start off magically, but your differences will eventually catch up with you.

#User #stories: Why is it Important to Agile? - Agile #Scrum

User stories, something that does not seem relative to software development by name. But in agile if I say you can not proceed without user stories then it is very true. We have product backlog which…

Agile Software Development versus Legacy Developments - Quality Assurance and Project Management

Agile & DevOps – Uniquely similar goals Agile software development has been making its rounds in the software development industry for many years now. It has garnered attention by businesses…