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Arthur Rackham - this fairytale was a rather horrid one - a true old-fashioned, that is :-D - the princess was put in a tower with her maid, no doors or windows, and they started digging their way out with a table knife. When they finally got out, they saw that a war had ravished the country and everything has changed, no-one remembered even the girls...

Arthur Rackham - Illustration from Maid Maleen; Rackham is surely the first name thought of when you think of fairy tale illustration. Timeless - they look as though they could be the work of someone today.

Infinita tristeza | Pierre Mornet

Pierre Mornet is a French illustrator born in Paris in After finishing his studies in graphic design at ESAC, he is completely dedicated to illustration. He uses acrylic and oil in his illustrations, portraying frail women, with a special mysterious halo.

solitaire - yelena bryksenkova

Yelena Bryksenkova is a Russian-born, Midwest-raised freelance illustrator and fine artist. She studied illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art in