Idea para hacer un libro personalizado y divertido para tu bebé.

quiet book - like the rain beads

MonoNoAvare's foldable felt mat delivers hours of on-the-floor fun — with minimal mess. #etsykids

MonoNoAvare's foldable felt mat delivers hours of. MonoNoAvare's foldable felt car mat delivers hours of. Nice gifts for the hotwheels lover.

Spygame : chercher parmi des perles, graines... les petits objets figurant sur l'étiquette

Youpi mercredi #24 : Spy game! 1/2

Idea: diy I Spy game

полезности для дома.Чехол для ножниц.

полезности для дома

Scissors case from Makas düzeni için Kılıf Site NOT in English

Selvage Blog: Couching on Monk Cloth Looks Like Fun!

Create designs w/ rope or fabric scraps and secure with thread. How clever w/ uniquely beautiful results! (Apparently, this is called couching, and is shown using t-shirt scraps on monk cloth.

Make your own toy garden out of felt and cardboard. Fun and educational!

felt food - plant-able garden

Quiet book page. Dressing. Felt dolls tucked in their beds. Felt clothes in the dresser.

Quiet book page: Felt dolls tucked in their beds; felt clothes in the dresser. Un gros jouet en développement jeu de tablettes 12 m par MiniMoms source by :

A big developing toy (set of tablets) /Quiet Book, Busy Book, Eco friendly, educational - 24 pages year) Made to Order A big developing toy set of tablets /Quiet Book by MiniMoms

Album en tissu en forme de maison et personnalisable grâce aux effigies amovibles de la famille imprimés sur du tissu et rembourrées.

Quiet book idea: Your real family turned into dolls for your house.

Se virando com a costura: Lixeira para carro com porta acessórios:

Turning to sewing: Trash car with door accessories

Maybe for Emma when she's a little older; I have some time....

Adorable travel doll house set that's shaped like a purse!

DIY: clay jewelry dishes

Make DIY Trinket Dishes with Tropical Leaves

Use our free tutorial to make polymer clay jewelry dishes - crafting DIY trinket dishes only takes a few materials to make something gorgeous

Ohhhh, wish I was craftier- BEAUTIFUL Quiet Book Patterns & Ideas

Shapes, garden, zipper, ice cream pages - BEAUTIFUL Quiet Book Patterns & Ideas

serena garcia dalla venezia More

serena garcia dalla venezia (The Jealous Curator)

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// serena garcia dalla venezia

LOVE this!!! It's not in English, but I think I've got the Velcro concept figured out.

LOVE this! It's not in English, but I think I've got the Velcro concept figured out. I'd put a longer vest on her though.

amazing quiet book with an interactive doll that can be set into each page.

Thumbelina quiet book by Carrot style: Книжка-развивайка "Дюймовочка".