Penetrator Chris

that scene where he says "awkward" and fights with jonas was really good ? (also he sounded hot as fuck) i like how it was portrayed and how even though william is his friend he didnt stand up for him

Christoffer Schistad

Christoffer Schistad// Hey, I'm Lucas White, I'm 19 and I live in the abandoned subways, I usually lead a strike team against the leeches so watch your back

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crabbyherm ] ' n i c e e e e going u idiot ' i post on my finsta

Voici une fiction inspiré de la série  Skam. L'histoire tournera auto… #romandamour Roman d'amour #amreading #books #wattpad

{open w/ Eva} There was a party at a friends house, and I was invited. I didn't know you would be there, so I dressed in short shorts and a crop top. I see you standing outside on the porch. I walk past you.