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Humpback whales

Humbpack whales - Réunion island - are bloody beautiful. Their sheer size and texture is so surreal it seems digitalised. Seeing two of them together, side by side, it's difficult to imagine how so much matter could exist in one view.

Iruka is there for Naruto

Did anyone actually cry at this moment? Cause I sure as hell did and I feel like a total wimp xD for those of you who don't know this is the ending to Naruto: Road To A Ninja and Iruka waited at Naruto's house to welcome him home X)

Unknown Artist "one last time" Once again, a design created for fans of the series to have a exciting moment in the manga as wallpaper. The darken colors the artist use in place of the original color gives it a better look than the actual cover.

#Itachi uchiha #naruto

"People fear and hate those they don’t understand…how foolish. Itachi and Sasuke: An Existence too Far Apart – Naruto