Painted leaf ghosts

Valentine's Day Recipes and Treats

Outdoor table

Backyard Patio Transformation

Maybe for gardening nook/potting bench. Just and spaced inch apart and screwed together with more cut one inch shorter than the width of the table. seal it and its a great outdoor table for the patio!

Garden Gates and Walkways

I wonder if this would work up our front walkway. "Backyard Ideas- Stone and Slate Garden Steps"

Would make a great little fairy box

Match box Simple slide jewelry box covered in velvet and topped with acorns, moss, and pine cones

#FallTreeCraft idea for kids: Paste #FallLeaves and twigs onto paper to create a tree masterpiece. #TreeArt

Autumn tree leaves - plants Crafts - My grandson and I - Made with schwedesign.

Buy Wildlife World Robin open fronted ceramic Teapot Nester (Small Birds Box) for sale. (i would make it)

Old teapot turned spout down (which will make sure any water drains) in the garden for bird nests.clever art in the garden. "BEST GARDEN IDEA EVER.looking for chipped teapots @ garage sales now!

Жёлуди в декоре

What to do with that plethora of acorns in the yard? Create a DIY Acorn Photo Frame. Make several and give them for Christmas gifts with a fall family photo. A perfect fall home decor idea.

Rock art

35 Pictures Of Painted Rocks For Inspiration

Hand painted rock owls for the garden, paper weight, fun gift or whatever. they are just so cute!