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Undertale the eight humans and their SOULs with all their weapon/ defense item combos

The 8 human souls of Undertale ❤️Determination❤️ 💛Justice💛 💚Kindness💚 💙Integrity💙 💜Perseverance💜 ❤️💛Bravery💛❤️ 💙💖Patience💖💙

UNDERTALE by ScruffyPoop

Papyrus looks horny, Sans looks weird, Toriel looks out of scale. Everything looks terrible in this drawing.

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More dynamic poses! You can look off of it without purchase, and trace it or use the existing lineart if you purchase. +PSD file includes linearts on a separate layer. You can use them as adoptable...

Feel free to use this! If you're trying to come up with a character design, it's nice to have references like this. Check out my other body charts! Cartoon Torsos - ok