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two people standing on top of a boat in front of an iceberg and text that reads, sokka shipping karang since episode one yes we're going to see it save your boyfriend
an anime character is looking at the camera with caption that reads, fatherdrouko when you and your blf are out having a good time and then suddenly
an image of avatars with caption in the bottom right hand corner and on the left
an anime scene with the caption that reads, people would say wow what happened to that guy? oh did you hear?
Lol varricks in love with Zuh Li!!!
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an anime character with the caption that reads, she probably knew he was telling the truth and thought he was crazy
an older man with blue eyes and white hair is looking at the camera while another person looks on
an image of a woman with glowing eyes and the caption that reads, if aang did't run away and died around 90 years old, we would've
the avatars in avatar are being used to describe what they're doing
the tweet is being displayed for us to use on their twitter accounts
some funny memes that are in the same language as each other and one has an avatar
some anime characters are talking to each other about their roles in the animated film avatar