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MrsThompson Moscow
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Selma Napanangka Tasman, Wanakiji Jukurrpa (Bush Tomato Dreaming), 122x61cm

Selma Napanangka Tasman "Wanakiji Jukurrpa (Bush Tomato Dreaming)," Selma paints about Dreamings, stories which relate directly to her land, its features and the plants and animals that inhabit it.

danieledelnero: After Effects

The artist Daniele Del Nero performs for his series "After Effects", models of ghostly and post-apocalyptic buildings, eaten by mold and decay.

Robert Smithson, Yucatan Mirror Displacements Nine chromogenic prints from chromogenic slides format), 24 x 24 inches x 61 cm) each .

John Dahlsen Primary Totems

5 Totems made from found plastic objects and stainless steel. Abstract recycled art created from plastics collect