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60-е. Бассейн Москва, Волхонка.

Swimming Pool Moskva, on the site of the once-and-former cathedral.

40-е. Третьяковский проезд

Tretyakovsky Proyezd (drive) in Moscow, Today, it is known as one of the most expensive shopping areas in the world.

Советчики. 1975 год

Life in the Young boys inspecting a truck // photo by Vladimir Rolov.

photo art from the Soviet and "I beg a ticket to a Richter concert"

Снайпера ведут огонь по самолетам противника, 1943 год

Snipers Division Lieutenant FD Lunin leading a volley fire at enemy aircraft

avantgarde Prozhektor magazine (1927)

avantgarde Prozhektor magazine (1927)