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This room resembles mine and my husband's bedroom. Haha♡♡♡

beauty cute light home decor hippie style hipster room bedroom design fire books Interior relax cosy cozy interiors Window candles decor decoration living Pillow. I love the front table with all of the crystal/candle decor

Tree of Life Hanging Planter

Have always loved trees! The tree of life has always help such symbolism for me. Tree of Life Hanging Planter would be a great thing to create


Beautiful antique children’s fairytale illustration by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, circa 1916 - featuring some of my favourite things. Bats, cats and a witch. From the book ‘Elves & Fairies’ by Australian illustrator Ida Rentoul Outhwaite.

(Apothecary Terrarium Gnome Village by FaceoftheEarth on Gnomes Village, Fairies Home,) Art Decoration Design

ship in terrarium

Shipwreck jars - that's a craft that I can have some fun with.and OMG I just realized that I have a tiny little wooden boat here from Boston! **scrambles to find jar and rocks**


This is beautiful. Again, I love the balance of this altar. The stone spiral is a great idea that can be used on the ground of an outdoor altar, too. The only problem is the spiral is going counter clockwise.

pagan altar

pagan altar - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Altars:  Pagan Altar.

forestferncreations: “ this photo belongs to skeletalearth.


Altars, shrines, and other sacred spaces from all traditions and spiritual paths.

Altars:  "Pagan Altar 01," by Druidstone, at deviantART.

Pagan-Altar: with zen garden, statue of goddess wich inspire you, the nul ber of candels witch refer to your personnal number