Ажурный узор спицами :)p

Ажурный узор спицами :)p not sure why it's labeled "crochet lace" since it's knitting.

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Make the bottom w/ cotton maybe? Different crochet lace ground stitches, some with shells. Like Nr 033

Красивая схема вязания летнего топа - Схемы вязания - Крючок и спицы


Interesting stitch… wonder what it's called~

alice brans posted Heirloom Crochet - Vintage Crochet Stitches You must check out this awesome resource! to their -crochet ideas and tips- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Вяжем реглан спицами - пошаговый мастер класс с фото


Ажурная кофточка крючком

It is a website for handmade creations,with free patterns for croshet and knitting , in many techniques & designs.