I looked at my hands. "These are my protection. Protection against people like you!" I screamed, and the thorns ripped out of my hands and stabbed at the man.

Yohji Yamamoto,1988

Nick Knight - Susie Smoking, 1988 (in Yohji Yamamoto) the overall look and feel of this piece feels authentic Japanese. The models clothes reminds me a Japanese samurai.

Namiko Kitaura. Portrait see also "A healing pool" - Kangal fish therapy by Namiko Kitaura on YouTube

and it would be so easy sweetheart. you wouldn't feel a thing," Jack pulled the thread taught against Rhys' throat. "just a little nick and you'd bleed out before you could even scream.


Here I explore wall murals drawn and printed with the look of a good sketch!


Nikolai Lockertsen has worked in the film-industy and VFX since late As a professional concept artist and matte-painter he has worked on more than 30

Music is love

photo art from the Soviet and "I beg a ticket to a Richter concert"


Office Chat Vampire Shirt - The night shift can drag on a bit so there's nothing like a chat at the blood warmer and there's always plenty of office gossip to sink their teeth into.


Florida-based mother Jennifer Rouch has created beautiful costumes for her daughter to wear on her trips to Disney World.

Cut off

Etsy seller lapinPetite from Prague likes making funny jewellery, which explains how she hit upon the idea of making necklaces and bracelets out of scissor