In technology circles, beacons are the topic du jour; one of the biggest buzz makers as 2013 rushes to an end. It’s no wonder – the technology has the potential to be one of the biggest innovations to affect the customer experience since the smartphone.

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There are plenty of uses for iBeacon technology besides retail and museums. Here are some thoughts about a range of use cases for beacon technology.

Over the summer Anthony Wing Kosner predicted that the micro-location iBeacon would be the most important new feature in iOS 7. Consumer awareness of the feature is low, but it is estimated to be available (potentially) on almost 200 million iOS devices that contain Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) right now.

Apple's iBeacon Is Already In Almost 200 Million iPhones And iPads - LabWerk

European exclusive: First theme park iBeacon app in the Netherlands.

LabWerk and tourist attraction, Fluwel’s Tulpenland in Sint Maartensvlotbrug, North Holland, have joined forces to revolutionize the theme park experience.