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a rabbit with its tongue sticking out saying i try to contain my crazy but the lid keeps popping off
DTF 2506 I try to contain the crazy
What is DTF? DTF (Direct To Film) transfers are heat transfers that allow for vibrant full-color printing. How it works DTF is a technique that prints a design directly onto a special film that allows you to press on any colored garments. Excellent stretchability and durability Smooth, matte finish Extremely versatile, can be applied to nearly any fabric (100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton/poly blends, tri-blends, mesh, canvas, etc) • Pre heat press to 295F• Pre press garmet for 5 secs to remove moisture• Position DTF transfer on garment• Press for 10 secs directly on transfer using medium pressure• Let transfer cool to touch and peel transfer• Place parchement/teflon over transfer• Press for 5 secs on medium pressure
a person holding a bucket full of dirt with the words you will touch soo much money on june 10th affirm yes
Manifest your dreams and money💵💰 - watch this powerful video👇
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a cartoon duck with a quote on it that says i'm not always sarcastic there's a lot of times i mean every bit of what i say
an animal that is looking at something with the caption i seem to be missing