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Doriath by on @deviantART. Thingol and Melian! :D I think Thingol is holding Nimphellos. :)

Melian and Thingol: Queen of Doriath and mother of Lúthien Tinúviel. Before she came to Middle-earth, Melian served both Vána and Estë, and dwelt in Lórien tending the trees that grew in the Gardens of Irmo.

Thingol by on @deviantART

Great power Melian lent to Thingol, who was himself great among the Eldar; for he alone of all the Sindar had seen with his own eyes the Trees in the day of their flowering. ~ The Silmarillion, Of Thingol and Melian. (Artwork: Thingol, by

Celegorm by on @deviantART

cup-of-smiles: “ ” Oh gosh, those are some pretty elves. I went and checked out her gallery to find out who each was: Caranthir Celegorm Daeron Elwing Feanor Finduilas