A skull hand-carved from a pool ball.

a skull hand-carved from a pool ball☆Skulls ☆ DanaMichele ☆

quite a collection

Corabelles cabinet in her room. (I'm curious as to why certain things scare people. Are you not scared of these things? Fear is all in the head. I am scared. But not of these things)


Illustration inspiration

Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration Great for internal anguish / pain / mental health/ loneliness ideas

Painted skull, Bavaria, Germany

Goth: A painted skull, Bavaria, Germany. How cool would it be to decoupage a skull from the Dollar Store?

Mother of Pearl Shell Skull Carvings by Gregory Halili skulls shells bas relief anatomy

Artist Gregory Raymond Halili makes incredible skull art by hand carving and painting mother of pearl in oyster shells. photos via Gregory Raymond Halili v

I couldn't carve this- but my bro could! :)

Skull Nickels

*mcwinkel-hobo nickel carving Artists etched away the flesh of the subject to reveal these awesomely macabre skulls. Hobo nickel carving remains a popular hobby today and it even has a society.