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Room 213
HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH: Stations for grammar, independent reading, discovering theme, essay revision, story writing and more.
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Sharing My {Love} of Scentos!
This blog has more ideas, but I just like the idea of letting kids stamp their partner's work at the end of editing. Even if it's covered in corrections, you still made an effort so it's Awesome!
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March 2013 – ELA in the middle
Great list to keep handy in our Grammar Section of I.N.B- Print it if you get a chance and stick it in your journal.| For more information about the K12 International Academy "like," us on Facebook @ & follow us on Twitter! @icadteach
a woman sitting at a desk with a notebook and pen in front of her is the title, 5 steps to a peer editing program that works
Secondary Solutions | Ideas, tips, and tools for the middle and high school English Language Arts teacher
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Proofreading Checklist for the Basic Essay
Proofreading Checklist for Formal Essays This is a nice long list, but for a more personalized list, come to the Writing Service in the Learning Commons!
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Peer Editing Checklist - 3 peer review checklists & forms PRINT + DIGITAL
Guide your students through the peer editing process with these three peer editing worksheets: one for argumentative writing, one for narrative writing, and one for explanatory writing. CCSS
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Classroom Freebies Too
Peer Editing Classroom Freebies Too: Love this idea! Just change "writer" to "artist" for an art critique.
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5 Peer Editing Strategies That Actually Work For Student Writers - We Are Teachers
Many kids don’t know what or where to mark when reading another student’s work. Neon revision is an approach that can really help. From "5 Peer Editing and Revising Strategies That Really Work."
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Teaching Writing with a Peer Editing Co-op
how to start a peer editing workshop -- free checklist printables
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Education to the Core: Peer Editing Anchor Chart
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Peer Editing Checklist FREEBIE!
Peer Editing Checklist FREEBIE! Cute to edit for the rainbow peer edit anchor chart