Вязание спицами - узоры косы - 35 шт

своими руками

Here is an easy knitting pattern that is perfect for a man's scarf (or a woman's too). ~ Key: | = Knit; –– = Purl. ~~ Cast on a multiple of 16 stitches. Knit according to the diagram. Start at the bottom right corner. When knitting the wrong side of the scarf just follow the pattern of the previous row. Repeat every 15 rows. It's just that simple!

Tailored knitting stitch pattern with chart. Just knits & purls - 15 row repeat. Alternate rows knit as indicated. Very easy, but this is a pattern you must watch while you knit. Not a knit while watching TV pattern. Would be great for throw or blanket.

Красивый "теневой" рисунок спицами

узоры спицами


free cable knitting pattern, chart only. Just look at pin image, link doesn't lead to pattern as far as I can tell but to the front page of the russian website this is from.