Moonshine exhibition poster (Gallery Nucleus) by Jon Klassen. Such a beautiful design with a unique use of type.

USSR Soviet Union Space Exploration Program Art Propaganda Poster СССР Советский Союз Космос Плакат

12 April Cosmonauts Day, ca. Despite censorship, new trends managed to reach Soviet artists. Here we can see the influence of Andy Warhol and a palette derived from style and early Beatles record covers.

Братья Стенберги  Зеленый переулок. Драма в 6-ти частях.  Режиссёр Рихард Освальд.  Выпуск Совкино. 1929.  Хромолитография. 93,5х69 см

Poster for Richard Oswal's The Green Alley by Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg. Stenberg Brothers, Vladimir and Georgii, were Russian designers, known for creating avant garde/constructivist theater and film posters in Moscow during the and