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a white bowl filled with pastries sitting on top of a table next to a man
Cypriot Flaounes Recipe (Cheese Filled Easter Bread)
Cypriot Flaounes Recipe (Cheese Filled Easter Bread) - Nikolopaa
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some sugared donuts are on a white plate
Greek Olive Oil Cinnamon Cookies – Kolourakia Lathiou - Olive Tomato
Greek Olive Oil Cinnamon Cookies – Kolourakia Lathiou | Olive Tomato
a plate full of cookies and orange slices
Cinnamon Vegan Cookies-Κουλουράκια Κανέλλας Νηστίσιμα
Greek Cinnamon cookies with their wonderful smell, baked during Lent where people are fasting are the promise that Easter and Spring is approaching. They have a unique taste and unforgettable aromas of cinnamon and orange. #vegan #cookies #cinnamon #Κουλουράκια #Eatgreek #Foodfeed #homemadefood #greece #greek #greekrecipes #instafood #delicious #homecooking #lovefood #greekcookingmadeeasy #yummy #love #instagreece #igersgreece #foodlover #hellas #ελλάδα #mediterranean #greekfood #lovetocook
a man sitting in front of a platter of breads with sesame seeds on top
Tsoureki Recipe (Traditional Greek Easter Sweet Bread)
some food is laying out on a pan
the cover of 64 dishes for greek orthodx easter
66 Dishes for Greek Orthodox Easter
64 Dishes for Greek Orthodox Easter
a white plate topped with octopus rings next to a blue circle that says greek best lenten recipes
Nistisimes Syntages - Food for the Soul (Lenten Recipes)
"Nistisimes Syntages" are the Lenten recipes the Orthodox can eat during fasting periods. The Orthodox religion has a lot of fasting periods.
κουλούρι με κομματάκια σοκολάτας (τύπου brioche)!
Sesame Tahini Cookies
Easy and delicious sesame tahini cookies that are vegan and gluten-free!
some cookies are sitting on a baking sheet and ready to be baked in the oven
Νηστίσιμα κουλουράκια με πορτοκάλι
vegan greek olive oil cookies are stacked on a plate with purple flowers in the background
Vegan Greek Olive Oil Cookies: Ladokouloura
These traditional Greek olive oil cookies are made with light olive oil, orange, and warm spices. They're so delicious with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk. Give these delicious vegan cookies a try! They are the perfect dessert for Lent or for your Easter dessert table!
the steps to make braided bread are shown in several different positions, including doughnuts and buns
Tsoureki - Greek Easter Bread
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