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an old building with stone stairs and pillars
Revisting places to get better photos - Adalaj Stepwell, Ahmedabad
an old village on the side of a mountain
Yemen en imágenes. [EL MANHATTAN DEL DESIERTO] - Forocoches
the inside of a large building with many windows
a man standing in front of a giant monster like structure
F-恶魔猎人的窝, YU YIMING
a digital painting of a stone house surrounded by plants and rocks in the middle of a forest
A Strange Stone - Click to view on Ko-fi
an artistic painting of a stone house in the middle of some green grass and rocks
小景练习, JulyCrtlZ
an old trunk sitting in the middle of some grass and rocks with plants growing out of it
Forgotten Stone Gate - Click to view on Ko-fi
an illustration of a door with vines growing out of it's sides and in the middle
Overgrown Door
惣菜屋さん Houses, Urban Art, Asian Store, Restaurant Concept, Japanese Buildings, House
a very tall building with lots of windows and balconies on the top floor