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Kirisame Marisa - Touhou
Aubrey(15) She us rather quiet and loves to garden. Her parents died of cancer. She is goes to bed during day so that she can study nocturnal animals. Adopt?
Hello~~ I've been out here again all day. My chaperone doesn't care about me at all. She just does it for the money. I'm really tired of al this... I want to leave. Please take me somewhere else? I'll be good! And I love to learn. My name is Diane and I am 12. Adopt?
Varias linhas curvas dando fluidez e a posição diagonal da personagem da a impressão que ela está em movimento. As formas arredondadas dão enfase na feminilidade. Essa combinação passa uma ideia de instabilidade.
A Catgirl Is Fine Too
She's so pretty
Heroine | Amnesia #anime this is sooo beautiful!