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Click to see this page full of wonderful LEGO Learning Ideas. LEGO games, ideas that help kids learn.

Need ideas that make learning fun? Try LEGO learning with games, math, science, robotics, and more for ways to learn that they will love.

"By teaching grammar, we help him to master perfectly the spoken language he is absorbing."--Dr. Maria Montessori

I've just finished making my Montessori grammar chart, cards and booklets for use in my class. And I have a surprise for everyone so .

Sentence building (use Montessori grammar color coding for the parts of speech)

It is based on the California Phonetic Reading Program with a little mix of other programs that can be found in some Montessori Schools.

Goal Without Plan

Want to write a killer lesson plan? How can you write an English class or ESL class lesson plan that works?