Flower Vine: 16 ft design features 30 silver mica trumpet flowers entwined with leaves and vines. Rust with wrought iron finish.

Fueled Collective office - interior inspired by Victorian London

Lustre aux chapeaux victoriens - Fueled Collective - A tech start-up’s office goes steampunk - Homepolish NYC

Curiousa & Curiousa

This Tryptych Stacks light by Esther Patterson for Curiousa & Curiousa are an explosion of colored glass baubles that will light up your room! A 'triptych" is a work.

Make a Color-Blocked Pendant Lamp

I like this but cant figure out how they did it......aside from it being created from the skeleton of a lamp shade.

Beads and lampshade frames. a great use for the beads I have collected hoping to someday make lots of jewelry. I could use all the beads in one sitting!

Chandelier inspired by nature

Serip’s Design concept consists in nature-inspired organic shapes. The round, spiral, unproportional and uneven forms sets Serip’s Design apart as exclusive and immediately defined as “Organic Lighting”.

Herve van der Straeten

I love this guy - super glamorous, he is also a jewelry designer (often evident in his lighting designs) - possible for kitchen or a less dangly one for front entrance Hervé Van der Straeten Chandelier

Sizes: D.78 - 89 - 100 cm / D. 30.7 - 35 - 39.3 inch Watt quantity per format: 187.2 watt - LED 37.44 watt Socket sizes: 100cm 60 x E10 / 1.2W / 12V - 89cm 52 x E10 / 1.2W / 12V - 78cm 44 x E10 / 1.…

Sizes: - 89 - 100 cm / D. - 35 - inch Watt quantity per format: watt - LED watt Socket sizes: 60 x / / - 52 x / / - 44 x /

so proper

To see a horse in your dream ~ symbolizes strength, power, endurance, virility and sexual prowess. It also represents a strong, physical energy.

Seychelles Chandelier | Serena & Lily

Cut seaglass beads form a dramatic canopy beneath a hemp-wrapped steel frame. A natural beauty created just for Serena & Lily. Seychelles Chandelier from Serena & Lily

'Fields' by Vicente Garcia Jimenez, 2007. Photo by Andrea Ferrari /

Light Portraits by Foscarini

Prometheus II by Christopher Boots | General lighting

Available for sale from THE NEW, Christopher Boots, Prometheus 1 and 2 Quartz, Brass and LED, 35 in diameter

Malibu Beaded 6-Light Chandelier

Malibu Beaded 6-Light Chandelier