Shelf in the bathroom

Cum sa-ti construiesti propriul raft de baie- Inspiratie in amenajarea casei - www.

house on stilts

Baumraum’s World of Living Tree House Sits on Spider’s Legs Baumraum World of Living Treehouse – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

hanging shelves on the wall smacking flying

Corner shelf is one of the elements for universal modular shelving. Shelves are an integral part of modern design. A corner shelf allows you to utilize the

self-cleaning pond

An alternative to chlorine pools, the BioTop Natural Pools use plants to keep water clean and clear. Wikipedia has some more info on natural swimming pools as well. These could make a great addition to a permaculture design site.

House made of shipping containers in Chile

casa oruga: shipping container home snakes across the andes--a patinated configuration of recycled shipping containers that responds to the mountains.

flat house photo

These houses are perfect examples of making do with what you've got — even if it's a really, really narrow plot of land.