Художественное оружие-Artistic weapon

О красивом оружии - About beautiful weapon
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medieval belts

Diagram of medieval sword belt, one style of fastening scabbard to the belt. Aren't weapons fun!

Yes it’s fancy but don’t think anyone would refuse to have this nice piece standing on the table right  :)

A Ken With Dragon God (Ryujin) Koshirae - Samurai Sword Shop Info Center Samurai…

The Slayer Sword - Molotoch 8th Sword in the "Swords of the Ancients Collection" by Kit Rae

The Slayer Sword - Molotoch Sword in the "Swords of the Ancients Collection" by Kit Rae Inspiration for Caius Hopeforge

Giedymins big knives - Page 8

Hello my name is Giedymin, I’m knife maker from Poland. I’m more like a beginner, an amateur maybe in comparison to many other knife makers.

Valhalla Rising - decorative shield 1 by *morgenland on deviantART

symbol of Thors hammer - Vikings weapons, armors, shields and others.

Фотокарточки Референсы от УиТ – 27 альбомовъ

Sam Lurquin Journeyman Smith test harpoon-clipped blade made from steel, Koa wood sculpted handle, OAL 17 Sheath by Paul Long.