Home Cake pigeon’s milk

A popular cake home bird's milk from biscuit dough with sour cream-gelatin.

How to prepare a cake anthill

Of course, as a cake Anthill quickly you can get out of the finished pastry shop, but given the quality of modern cookie is still a useful test for the cake

Best chocolate cake

This chocolate cake is used in all stages of preparation: the dough for cakes add the cocoa powder in the cream in butter and condensed milk - with melted

Gingerbread Cake

The original, chocolate cake without baking gingerbread with sour cream.

Cheese cake without baking

Very tasty and sweet dessert - cheese cake without baking with fruit, nuts and chocolate.

Cheese souffle cake

Tasty and beautiful cheesecake soufflé prepared without baking.

Delicious cake Napoleon

To do this, Napoleon bake cakes 6 of unleavened prepared puff pastry of margarine, flour and water. Which then lubricates the cream the butter with the

Chocolate Banana Cake

For the chocolate flavor in the dough and add cocoa powder slightly soluble coffee. Bake everything one Korzh, then cut the cake into 4 pieces, banana

Cake Masha

This cake condensed milk is used in the dough and the cream. To prepare the dough jar of condensed milk, eggs, butter or margarine, flour and baking powder.

Meat loaf with apples

Simple to prepare apple strudel, which was originally baked in a plain cake and then is hot, turn to roll. Apples choose sweet-sour taste and