Open ocean mermaids- don't live in Lucent and are more vicious and less human

Adaro (Solomon) - Shark-like mermen that are always male and with a insane lust for blood. When it rains these creatures become lost in a rage. They use poisonous flying fish as weapons. Some say they were once pirates, but were cursed by a shark-god.

ArtStation - V-beautyrender, Zhelong XU

This horn as a sword or axe would be awesome. ArtStation - V-beautyrender, Zhelong XU


““Demon Girl by Andrew Baker ” ” Personal sculpture, ‘Demon Girl’ by Andrew Baker, Senior Concept Designer

Spirit halloween!!!:)(veronica d) werewolf bust2 by ~sculptart31 on deviantART

Concept Modeling For Easy Clay Sculptures: – Picture : – Description werewolf by on deviantART -Read More –