Step into the trees...

in the forest . I love this! Not a fantasy picture, but it is great motivation for the novel I'm writing, my sequel to Cry of the Sea called Whisper of the Trees.


Environment Grants provides a collection of resources on supporting healthy community environments.

Rainfall 🌩

This is a selection of Dribbble shots posted through summer Illustrations reflect process of exploring textures and colors, using larger shapes to make a dynamic compositions, perfecting water drawing skills.This summer wouldn't be so productive w&

Mountain Enterance, Eric VanAllen on ArtStation at

Two trolls approaches a not so well-known opening down to the underground passage through the Giants mountains.

Gorrem Home

Devon Cady-Lee is an American concept artist and illustrator. He has illustrated for Wizards of the Coast, created concept art for Warner Bros. Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online, and more re…