Behold. The cutest fanart ever created.

Draw this for Skam! God I can’t use any words to describe how much I love this show…my fav show in you guys like<<<< cuteness overload

EVEN Bech Næsheim

That is a suicide letter and it never fails to make my heart drop. That, and the Romeo and Juliet parallel made me think that Even killed himself and I couldn't.

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The couple that didn’t have to kiss and cuddle all the time to be awesome.

skam is fucking me up but i don't care because YOUSEF LOOKS AT SANA LIKE SHE'S WORTH THE WORLD and this is all i care about ScreamingInNorwegian

Elias gets completely smashed, so Yousef calls Sana for help. On the way home, Yousef and Sana share some deep religious insights.