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a computer screen with the text, my courses on it and an image of a monitor
E-Coursie App
the dashboard page for dashboard is displayed on a purple background with an image of a laptop
E-learning Dashboard Exploration
E-learning Dashboard Exploration by Ghani Pradita for Paperpillar on Dribbble
two screens showing the same page in google's webpages, one with an email
structure.png by Valentin Salmon
Gmail concept. Message.
an image of a dashboard showing the location of different areas in the webpages
InsightPro – Claim
InsightPro – Claim
an image of a dashboard showing real estate prices and other information on the webpage
inspirationidea_2x.png by Jonathon Juvenal
Inspirationidea 2x
the dashboard screen shows data and statistics for different businesses, including one that is on top of
Exploration on a seller dashboard to make it more cleaner & useful! Press 'L' if you really like it ;)
an image of a website page with green and white colors
netguru_resources_full.jpg by Michal Parulski
Netguru recursos completos http://templates.jrstudioweb.com/
an image of a website page with the wordpress theme
post-real-pixels.png by Gregoire Vella
Post real pixels
an image of a computer screen with the same page as it appears to be in full view
settings-email.jpg by Filip Justić
Configuración de correo electrónico