Apartment balcony

Iris wanted to better enjoy her balcony, but it took time to furnish on a budget. She ended up with a stylish space worth waiting for:

интерьер лоджии 3 метров фото

Ceiling to floor windows makes it more elegent . A modern balcony with a bookcase and a stylish armchair

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City apartments are abundant, central – and often tiny. For the modern urbanite building a beautiful interior, the apartment’s compact nature can be challen

Фото Загородный уют в городской квартире (балкон) - интерьер, квартира, дом, балкон, лоджия, терраса, 0 - 10 м2, кантри

Love how this narrow space is transformed into a small office. Perfect workspace with all the white, wood and windows.

20 Ideas para convertir tu pequeño balcón en un rincón para descansar

20 Ideas para convertir tu pequeño balcón en un rincón para descansar


Alexandr is a remodeled flat located in Moscow, Russia. This remodeling project, by Geometrium, is for a young family, including their two year old son.

Дизайн небольшой квартиры для девушки (балкон) интерьер, назначение - квартира, дом | тип - балкон, лоджия, терраса | площадь - 0 - 10 м2 | стиль - скандинавский. Разместил INT2architecture на портале arXip.com

When it comes to naming the most relaxing and refreshing part of my house, my answer is the balcony. Decorating a balcony is often overlooked, and that is really sad. A balcony has a lot of potential and you should not.