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a woman standing in the middle of a field holding a piece of bread while wearing a wreath on her head
Таня Гуд, українська письменниця, фото у вишиванці, українська естетика, фотосесія
Иван Купала Dress In Field Photoshoot, Slavic Folklore, Moody Wedding, Fantasy Photography, Summer Solstice, Spring Has Sprung, Divine Feminine, Group Chat
Иван Купала
Иван Купала - #Таро #СтаршийАркан #Астрология #Гадание #Руны #Магия
a woman kneeling down in the water with some lights on her head and holding a bouquet
Ivana Kupala curated by Vadim Balakin / 500px
a group of people in the water with wreaths on their heads and body, surrounded by flowers
Jādeivė Rasos celebrations
Фот�о ідея на Івана купала Yoga, Slavic Witch, Mid Summer, Photo Idea, Ukraine, Instagram Photos, Photo And Video, Instagram Photo
Івана Купала
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