котенок амигуруми крючком схема

Dumpling Kitty by Sarah Sloyer Dumpling Kitty is a cute pudgy kitty whose pattern is available for free! Her body is crocheted with a flat base so she sits nicely wherever you place her, waiting patiently for treats.

Los amigurumis de MiGus

Los amigurumis de MiGus

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игрушки амигуруми крючком схема зайчика

These beach bunnies are adorable. The girl bunny is wearing a little bikini and she is all set for the beach. What a great addition to a Easter basket or Easter gift bag.

амигуруми крокодил схема вязаной игрушки

"After While Crocodile” I thought anyone could use this cute Crochet Alligator Gift Card …

вязаная игрушка кот крючком схема описание мк

This sweet amigurumi cat is a perfect choice for beginners! It will take a small quantity of yarn and a couple of hours. The amigurumi pattern is FREE.