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the table is filled with jewelry and bracelets for sale at an outdoor market stall
Charity Stewart
a white object is laying on the floor
„Masa i stan” Gizeli Mickiewicz w Galerii Stereo
Gizela Mickiewicz, Consistencies of the meeting, 2015
a white plate with different types of rocks and stones arranged in the shape of a circle
Crystal Pallet, Watercolor Pallet
a gold ring holder with several rings on it
there are many toys in the tray on the floor next to each other, including shoes
Rings Organizer
a white coffee table topped with lots of buttons
White Coffee Table With A Collection
Printers Box Table
a table with some sewing supplies on it and a green chair in the back ground
a wooden bench filled with lots of cups on top of it's side in the grass
many different types of jewelry are laid out on a table together, including purses and necklaces
HART Jewelry