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Teak table with marble, Markus Haase

In this teak table, Markus Haase demonstrates his amazing ability to imbue wood and stone with an almost preternatural sense of fluidity and movement. His chairs, tables, and lamps, grow from the ground as if animated waves or columns of smoke.

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Limited Production Design & Stock: Grand Spherical Art Sideboard * Distressed Gold Detailing * Mayan Bronze Case * Inc: 2 Cupboards With Shelving 2 Central Drawers * 31 x 69 x 18 inches * Only Few Remaining

#wooden #wood #woodwork #furniture #eco #design #interior кофейный столик Meritalia Opera, Operetta_45

#wooden #wood #woodwork #furniture #eco #design #interior кофейный столик Meritalia Opera, Operetta_45

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