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Skitarii by Vector098

This is my first entirely digital piece done start to finish with Photoshop. It is a Skitarii ranger of sorts from Warhammer: It's a bit rough an.

Praise the God Empeoror of Mankind. "Calling him a god is how this all started in the first place." Bjorn the Fell Handed Venerable Dreadnought of the Space Wolves Chapter. Warhammer 40k

remake of my old pic God-Emperor of Humankind, Warhammer turned out quite symbolic and moreover, a new step in digital painting for me.

Potrus Maximus: diciembre 2014

Imperial Knight of House Terryn, Sire Monteryn piloting Voltoris Undaunted. This is a picture of my first imperial knight model that I painted for Warhammer


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Star Wars Falcon Millenium Falcon v Single Light Switch