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Владимир Владимиров
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The Doors Of Perception by Ricardo Bevilaqua on Flickr

The Doors Of Perception - Rio Brazil. If the doors of perception were cleansed, the world would appear as it is, Infinite.

http://www.prefabhomeparts.com/howtoselectanentrydoor.php has a guide on how to properly select an entry door for a residence.:

Kedem Single winged door breaks the laws, and the art in the mosaic of the wooden boards brought about a leading door in the Reshafim art category. The Kedem door is, without a doubt, a typical bohemian door.

The symmetry and 90-degree angles on this door really embody the spirit of Deco!

Image 25 of 31 from gallery of 299 Soper Place / Barry J. Hobin + Associates Architects Inc. Courtesy of doublespace photography and Barry J.Hobin & Associates Architects Inc.


A little bit more fine tuning and this joint will be ready to go together. It will get a lot more complicated. Note the ruler for scale