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a printable game for children to play with
5 Creative School Counseling Activities Using Candy
Use multi-colored candy to get to know your students, or get them talking about any topics!
a printable game with fruits and vegetables on it
Ice breaker games are a fast way of getting everyone involved.
candy bar game with the words tell us on it and some candies in front
Get to Know Your Group with the M and M game
a poster with the words marvelous me in different colors and font on it, including an m
MOPS - A Great Get to Know You Mixer
the dicebreakers game is shown in black and white, with words above it
Dicebreakers! Ice Breakers using Dice
Dicebreakers! An Icebreaker Activity using Dice. Most people will have access to a pair of dice. Raid a pair from a board game or look in that junk drawer of life! Request that they have one available during your online meeting and have each person roll the dice and answer the corresponding question to the number on the die.