Are you on at your Russia trip or planing for it? Do not forget to visit Moscow top 10 international exhibitions. First is Saint Louis and Relics of the Sainte-Chapelle, Antonio Gaudi, the first triennial of Russian contemporary art, the art of the Brick, Giorgio de Chirico, The Golden Age of Venetian Painting, Takashi Murakami, The Enciklopedia of TV, and the last is Maurizio Cattelan exhibition. You can also get more information about them.

Takashi Murakami, 2005 © Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co. All Rights Reserved.

Visit Moscow Flea Market which will open at the Museum of Moscow on April 30. Operating hours will be 11.00 to 19.00 and the entrance is free for all. This Museum of History of Moscow is one of the oldest museums of the city. You can find there many antique and re-purposed items, collectibles, handmade jewelry, books, art and much more. This collection also contains the archaeological finds, ancient tools, jewelry, bronze and stone items from most ancient period of Moscow history.

The Flea Market opens at the Museum of Moscow.You can find there antique items,handmade jewelry and art. The Museum is the oldest in the city.

Moscow is most popular city for its amazing festivals, there are number of festivals are celebrated in all the sessions. If looking for spring festival then visit Moscow spring fest with family and friends which will going to celebrate on April 28 2017 and will run until May 9. Here you can see exotic jams, candies and souvenirs also join workshops, concerts and many other activities. The good news is that the entrance is totally for all.

The Moscow Spring Fest is opening! Tens of chalet-tents will be set in the city to treat guests with all sorts of traditional candies and souvenirs.

Yes you have heard right ! The international knight festival ‘Tournament of St. George’ will be held in Moscow from April 29 until May 1 at Kolomenskoye museum. So make a plan to visit Moscow in April and join this amazing tournament. Nine most famous knights from Russia, Norway and France will compete at the 3rd St. George International Tournament. It is not just a competition, but a colorful show as well. The ticket prices start at 2000 roubles and the entrance to the park is free.

The International Knight Festival to be Held in Moscow!

If you are a shopping lover then must visit Moscow’s best markets in March. Here you can shop antique and amazing stuff for your home. The annual Moscow flea market will open at March 23 to March 26, you can find there antique and repurposed items, collectibles, handmade jewelry, books and art. You can go for the biggest needlework artflection fair, where you can buy toys, interior decorating items, clothes etc.

The Moscow Flea Market, The International Doll Ball, The biggest Needlework Fair and more in March in Moscow!

Are you still traveling in Russia or are you a local citizen, do not forget to visit Moscow biggest Needlework ArtFlection fair which is taking place at DI Telegraph. You can see more than 20 Russian cities which will participate here. Also you can view and buy toys, interior decorating items. designer clothes, pots and pans and lots more. So come here with your family and friends and enjoy the fair with free entrance.

Here is our selection of top Christmas fairs that will be held in Moscow on the Catholic Christmas eve. The “Dunyasha” Gift Market will open this week in the ARTPLAY Design Center on November 21 fo.

If you are still on at your Moscow trip then do not forget to visit Moscow most popular “Ice Moscow” festival which is celebrated at Porlonnaya Hill and open until March 1. Here you can see all the amazing Moscow buildings made from ice. The operating hours of this festival is 11.30 to 22.00 and the entrance fee is 350 rubles for adults, 250 rubles for kids over 7 years of age. If you wanted a free entrance the go there on Feb 20.

The “Ice Moscow” festival at Porlonnaya Hill will not close until March Feb 20 the entrance will be free to all visitors!

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