Moscow is the heart of Russia, and, historically, is a major economic and cultural centre of the country. It's a beautiful city. Moscow’s 3D night show is the best Moscow tourist attractions. Ukraine hotel will be lit up with a 3D light show on 25 May. It is the symbol of the 60th anniversary of the famous skyscraper. The building is decorated with symbols like stars, sickles, hammers, wheat ears and sheaves, 3D show will incorporate all these elements.

It will mark the anniversary of the famous skyscraper.

The anniversary victory day celebration will culminate in a grand firework show. Fireworks will be displayed at many different locations like a vorobyovy gory observation deck in southwest Moscow, the poklonnaya hill platform in the western part of the city, vdnkh, izmailovo, ostankino park, red square. This is amazing show for Moscow tourist attractions.  The traditional festive artillery salute also was performed in a majority of Russia’s cities, concluding the day of celebrations that…

The annual Russia Day celebrations will culminate in a grand fireworks show. Fireworks will be set alight from 16 different locations around the city.

The flea market is very famous and attractive market of the Moscow. It will open at the museum in Moscow on April 30. Here you can find there antique and repurposed items, collectibles, handmade jewellery, books, art, accessories and other nice and unusual things. This market is open 11 to 19 hours and no entrance fee. The museum of the history of the Moscow is one of the oldest museums of the city which is the attraction of Moscow tourist.

The Flea Market opens at the Museum of Moscow. The Museum is the oldest in the city.

In The Moscow you can find most amazing conservation parks which are the top Moscow tourist attractions today. You can visit Flora and Fauna which offering eco-centre facilities, games etc. ‘Elk’s Island’ as elks live there in their natural habitat, along with squirrels and peckers and much more.

With the passage of time it has become increasingly common in cities like Moscow to designate areas of flora and fauna as conservation parks know the best.

Moscow is the city where you can always get new and adventures things. Recently the first 35 city cabs started in the city by Yandex Taxi which will going to become an amazing Moscow tourist attractions. These cabs equipped with special 3D helmets so that instead of traffic, you can spend the trip in a forest or in space. This is a best 3D taxi option available for all the people, but you can’t purposely select this type of cab.

The first 35 city cabs (by “Yandex.Taxi”) have already been equipped with special helmets so that instead of traffic, their users can spend the trip in a forest or in space.