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"“Love this recipe. It's even better then the Napoleon cakes I tried in Paris! Seriously.” - When somebody says something like this about a cake, you know it's gotta be good! by
Tomatos, zuchini, onions, potatos, sliced thin, herbs/seasonings to taste, butter or olive oil, parmsan cheese... fresh tomato or tomato/bell pepper sauce if desired... layer and bake... voila...
Рыбный закусочный торт «Рыбацкая удача». | идеи для дома | Постила
Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake - pin now, and make for a special occasion! |
Игра со вкусом - Торт "Нормандия"
Шоколадный торт со смородиновым муссом
Бананово-творожно-шоколадный торт

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