puff pastry

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several pastries sitting on top of a glass plate covered in powdered sugar and icing
Puff pastry custard slices with creme patissiere
These easy custard slices are made from crispy puff pastry and filled with creme patissiere. I have been told that I should really call them 'Angel Slices' because they taste so divine! #foodleclub homemade #cremepatisserie #custardslices #pastrycream #easydesserts #vanillaslices
Cream Cheese Danish! #satisfying #madefromscratch #stepbystep #pastrychef #bakery #delicious #pastr
a wooden spoon in a metal pot filled with yellow liquid and an empty speech bubble
Lemon Curd
lemon puff pastry sticks on a baking sheet
Lemon Puff Pastry Sticks
These Lemon Puff Pastry Sticks are flaky and delicious with a light sweet lemon filling and a nice lemon icing drizzle.
a pastry with cream and powdered sugar on top
French cream puffs
French Cream Puffs "Delicate and airy, these delicious french cream desserts, originally called choux a la creme, are the perfect way to indulge!"
Puff Pastry Horns
many rolls with different toppings are arranged in a square pattern on top of each other
33 Ways To Take Puff Pastry To The Next Level
31 Best Pastry Puff Recipes - Ideas For How To Use Puff Pastry