Through reading the books assigned in class, it is apparent that relationships between spouses change after marriage. As a result, spouses are disrespected by their significant others and most commonly by the decisions they make. This picture was humorous because of its accuracy that husbands shouldn't taunt their wives choices because they were one of them!

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amazing beauty uses for vaseline-beauty.

Most frugal and versatile beauty secret- amazing beauty uses for vaseline-beauty. Marilyn Monroe used it all the time!

Said by another pinner: "Brothers growing up together…"

Brothers growing up together…

Despre tuns. Iar :)

How to grow your hair 3 inches in 1 week! Microwave olive oil for 10 seconds. Apply to roots and tips, keep your head upside down for 4 minutes, keep olive oil in for 2 hours, wash out completely.