Пейзажи Тосканы, Италия

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Red Velvet Voyage through historic welcoming Tuscany, Italy. Romantic Tuscany can steal the heart of any traveler! Rolling green hills and Italian cypress trees.

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In the Tuscany region of Italy, frescoes adorn many chapels and are painstakingly tended to to preserve the history of Italian chapels.

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12 World’s Top Definite Romantic Destinations For The Truly Romantic Part I

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Located in central Italy, Tuscany is one of the best places to visit in the country. Tuscany is known for its diverse features that comprise of crystal-clear bodies of.

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Three of our favorite photos of Italy. Which do you think is the most beautiful photo of Italy? We love admiring photos of Italy.

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Tuscany, Italy - Nothing screams ‘girls trip’ more than a weekend wine tasting in Italy. Watch the sun set over the vineyard, take a sip, and buonanotte.