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soundwave fansign | 231117 People, K Pop, Boyfriend, Vogue, Boy Groups, Stray, Kpop, Lee Know, Felix
soundwave fansign | 231117
a young man wearing a teddy bear hat and holding his hands up to his face
two people in black hoodies with white writing on them and one is making the peace sign
a christmas wreath with cute animals on it
the young man is wearing a blue leather jacket
Boys, Pretty Men, Cute, Lee, Minnie
Vocalist, Performance, Rockstar
a man wearing sunglasses and a face mask
Lee Know | 231129
the collage shows several images of young men with glasses on their heads and one has a green teddy bear in his lap
#Wallpaper #aesthetic #SEUNGMIN
a man holding two stuffed animals in front of his face and wearing a blue tie