Countess Sofia Alexandrovna Ferzen at the Winter Palace Costume Ball, St. Petersburg, 1903. by ~VelkokneznaMaria.

Countess Sophia Fersen, née Princess Dolgoruky, during the February 1903 Costume Ball at the Winter Palace, she died in Rome in where she is buried, Her sister Olga Princess Dietrichstein moved to Argentina after

Various types of Russian traditional costumes #illustrations

Various types of Russian traditional costumes

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Ivan Bilibin 129 - Cossacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stepan Razin Степан Разин Artist: Ivan Bilibin Completion Date: 1935

Мы знаем, что ничего не знаем. Мы видим, что ничего не видим

Boris Zvorykin illustration for the Pushkin fairy tale, "The Dead Tsarevna and the Seven Heroes.