A moderately avant-garde poster by A. Samokhvalov says: "Soviets (People's Councils) and Electrification Are the New World's Stand. "

historicalposters: Soviet electrification poster Text: Soviets and Electrification is the base of the New World”

"12 April — the day of cosmonautics" - Fekljaev V. N.

12 April Cosmonauts Day, ca. Despite censorship, new trends managed to reach Soviet artists. Here we can see the influence of Andy Warhol and a palette derived from style and early Beatles record covers.

Soviet Space Dogs

NY Times: ‘Soviet Space Dogs’ Tells the Story of Canine Cosmonauts

Old russian poster

Un submarino nuclear ruso en el Golfo de México Norteaméri

Russian poster, 1941: Meeting Over Berlin.

Russian propaganda poster depicting bombs dropping on Berlin. It's hard to believe that these propaganda posters like this were rife in war times.

Soviet space poster